Do you need a metabolic reset?


Have you ever felt like you have tried everything and you just need to hit this? 

Watch this short video to hear an explanation of what a "metabolic reset" is!

Why keto?

A well-formulated ketogenic diet is naturally low-inflammatory. Changes from eating ketogenically impact the entire body on a cellular level, rebuilding your body from the inside out--starting with the mitochondria. 


What does that have to do with weight loss? Everything! The process of turning food into energy is a basic function of the human body--failure here chokes down every other function the body is perfectly designed to accomplish.  


Think about a car--would it run on Coke and Snickers? Of course not. Well, your body cannot be expected to do that either. So it processes excess carbs just the way it is designed. By preparing for famine and storing the extra as fat. As a result, the ability of our bodies to store has emerged as the greatest contributor to most dysfunction and disease in our generation. Keto is a brilliant way to let your body know it's time to burn those excess fat stores as fuel and instead of hanging on to them.


Let’s work together and set those fat stores free and free up our body’s energy and well-being!


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I have been working with Samara for over a month and have released 17 lbs.  I have tried following the Keto plan and others for few years and could never get past week one.  I always felt so restricted and deprived.  She has helped me tweak and create a plan that works for me.  My sugar cravings are gone and if they come up, I can now deal with them emotionally.  I can follow my plan on days with no schedule, during travel, under stress, etc.  It all works.  She is very knowledgeable with years of experience in health related study and practice.  I’m very pleased I invested in myself by working with Samara, and receiving her guidance.  







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