"My goal is to help people make permanent positive health and fitness changes by teaching them simple and effective ways to work with the body's perfect ability to run on fat."

- Samara Keller

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Meet Samara

It was well-intentioned, but deeply flawed. 


My health and fitness journey that is. It began when we all did “low-fat” back when I was a teen. Coached that “your body can burn sugar” but fat “fat is what makes you fat,” Snackwells fat-free devil’s food cookies and sugary candy became my new BFF. Cooking with butter was out. Olive oil and margarine were our saviors. 


Wow, this was great. Even better, I worked at a snow cone stand and got unlimited snow cones! During high school I stay fairly thin. Then marriage was accompanied by pregnancy and extreme nausea. My solution? Eat before I got hungry. And comfort foods had my number! Bing, bang, boom--three kids under 3 and all in diapers. During my third pregnancy, I was fatigued and overwhelmed. Not uncommonly, I came home from the store with a giant loaf of fresh hot French bread and a stick of butter for my dinner (and I ate it all!) 


At the same time we were part of a supplement company and were taking and selling high quality nutritional supplements (to which I credit the health of my kid). As the kids got older and our income and knowledge increased, we improved our diets as a family, doing our best to stay away from white flour and sugar. Yes, I felt better, but those changes didn’t fix everything. From 2017 to early 2019 I struggled immensely with adrenal fatigue. I was overweight as well... and desperate for an answer.


But I didn’t want it to be keto. 


I tried everything! Raw vegan, low carb, low glycemic, a form of keto, paleo, Whole 30 and more. Nothing worked. The cycle of adrenal fatigue and failure continued. Supplements and good naturopathic doctors helped…but didn’t help me lose weight, and didn’t fix me.I wanted to keep my blood glucose levels low, but my attempts at keto or low-carb eating in the past ended dismally. I felt horrible. And I was eating everything in sight.


Then on Easter 2019 I was exposed to a foundational truth that excited and challenged me to my core. On a road trip my husband basically forced me to listen to a podcast on fasting. I felt a deep resonance that my story was about to change. We entered into a fast. Near its completion I discovered The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by Maria Emmerich. 


I was captivated on multiple levels, including the notable fact this plan varied from most keto diets in eliminating nuts and dairy. Without hesitating I purchased the book and began implementing the plan. More than just excited, I knew that I wanted to eat purposefully.


It was easy...and hard. Easy since I had already nixed the sugar cravings. But challenging in that it involved a lot of cooking. I chose to stick with it because I was feeling so much better! I knew I had much rather invest my time and energy into cooking and good health than go back to how I had been before. 


I had hope again. 


No longer did I feel moments from falling apart. No longer did I feel dead-tired and desperate for daily afternoon naps. Now my health was in my hands and in my food choices.


Fast forward..I no longer eat by the meal plans. I’m fully fat-adapted. And when I’m not eating, my body burns my stored body fat for fuel. The root of many of our modern day diseases is metabolic. Our bodies weren’t designed to eat the extraordinarily high amount of sugars and carbohydrates that our culture calls “normal.” The rampant Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune dysfunction, hormone imbalance, cancer and more is needless, as is the suffering and death they bring. Increasingly I realize that this lifestyle addresses the root causes of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.


Now, more than 40 pounds lighter, I love how healthy I feel.  And my dad! He’s 30 pounds lighter and, more importantly, insulin-free! I realized that I would love to invest in others and see them get results with their  weight loss and health journeys. This way of eating (living) just makes sense. 


So I invested in myself and decided to be mentored by Maria and Craig Emmerich. I am a certified Keto Coach and also have the Supplements Certification as well. What I’m finding in my coaching practice is that eating keto provides many of the benefits of the supplement protocols I used to put people on for autoimmune issues, plus more. I also now know how to use supplements to complement accelerated healing in conjunction with the ketogenic lifestyle... but no supplement replaces healthy eating and quality sleep! Whether you need to lose weight or are looking for a healthier life and more longevity, I’d love the chance to connect you with your own Metabolic Reset.


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How I coach...

My one-on-one coaching style is highly personalized. Are you brand new to the keto world? Are you an athlete looking to improve performance? Are you overcoming a physical health challenge? Or are you a long-time ketoite who has plateaued? 


You’ve come to the right place. 

My coaching will bridge the gap and take you beyond where you could go on your own.Keto misinformation abounds right now. “Keto” products and “keto” sales gimmicks are everywhere. 


But keto done right will cooperate with your body’s intended design and bring lasting, life-changing results. 


and see how she

 can help you break your

 damaging eating


"The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world"

- Ashley Rickards